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Morning friends <3

We made it to Tuesday! It’s been the C|R|A|Z|I|E|S|T week already! I always feel like I should be doing more until I stop and realize how much I actually already am doing. In my free time lately I’ve been purging my house like a nutcase (I’ll get into that later), working on house projects and trying to keep our lives running smoothly. Nik and I also started booking mini photoshoots on the weekends and I LOVE it. So fun to learn and grow. I’m thinking of doing a Monthly Recap post each month so we can share what we’ve been up to. Thoughts?

Today I wanted to share a favorite fall transitional outfit. Fall is by far my favorite season. I’ve truly never been much of a summer girl. The autumn scene fits me better. Crisp air, deep colors and the holidays (HOLIDAYS! I can’t wait!) creeping near <3 I feel like once I get to mid-December it’s all too close to being over – ha! When I hear “September” my mind thinks “fall” but around here it doesn’t start cooling down until October. Kind of hard to sip your PSL in a sweater without getting WAY too hot.

This look is all the fall and none of the summer heat 😉 The hat and boots are what really distinguish it as a fall outfit. These boots are the perfect taupey gray and a black hat is must in any closet.

While I’m sure i’ts obvious, I’ll still state it.  I love neutrals. Probably more than I should. My house would most likely make a creative soul cringe – it’s almost all black, grey, and white. . But can you fight who you are?! Following suit of my home decor neutrals make up a majority of my closet pieces. All black is a favorite because it’s so chic, and I know I won’t grow tired of it. Let me tell you, I went through a blue phase this summer (like, the color, not the mood :)) and I rarely want to wear those pieces anymore.

I’m still really feeling feminine details, I love the pleating on the blouse.

Another reason I love neutrals is v|e|r|s|a|t|i|l|i|t|y friends.

Remember how I said I’ve been purging my home? My husband and I decided to re-commit to paying off our student loans faster. A tip a friend gave me (shout out to you, Emily!) was to have an incentive for smaller goals. This lit a fire under me to reach the first goal we set (which is small, but still a stretch). I spent about five hours going through stuff in our basement and then took it to a consignment shop. You would not believe the money you can get from your old stuff! Plus fewer things means less clutter and I’m loving it.

Tying it back to the outfit – I am trying to spend less money on clothing so that we can reach our goals quickly. In my opinion, neutrals and muted colors are less memorable than something like bright pink. You can manipulate it many different ways and create tons of outfits. Neutrals and dainty/ staple jewelry will be what most of my fall outfits consist. I plan on making fewer purchases and maybe trying out the whole capsule wardrobe idea. We’ll see about that one.

…yeah probably not. I’m thinking too far 🙂

|| Hat – Target, last year || Blouse – TJ Maxx ($20!) || Jeggings – Old || Boots – Goodnight Macaroon ||

We have a ton of posts planned out for you all! It’s been hard finding the time to coordinate them. Home decor, skincare, fall lips colors (’cause duh), budgeting adventures and more. We have a collaboration that I’m particularly excited about coming up soon. I can’t wait to share details! 🙂

Until next week <3


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  1. Jaime September 12, 2017 at 5:32+00:00Sep

    I’m trying out the capsule wardrobe idea as well… emphasis on the “trying” and “idea.” It’s been a fun challenge so far. Best of luck!


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