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Ok fellow fab moms (yeah, I just said that). We know you love shopping. However, these day it may be a little…harder. Especially when the kiddos are so young. We found a company with products that makes mom life easier and we’re in love.

First up – shopping cart cover. I saw this cart cover on another blogger’s instagram (thanks Sylvia Jade!).

Prior to this, I had been using a nursing cover that is a three in one type deal. Honestly, while it was better than nothing at all, I didn’t know this type of cover existed. I truly love it. I consider myself very health conscious and while I am totally for building up my babe’s immune system, I’m not about to let her lick the grocery cart handle. I mean, seriously?!

Not only does it keep her from basically eating the germs from strangers hands (yep…let that one sit in for a sec) but it seems so comfortable. She seemed snug as a bug in there! I like that it covers the entire area she is sitting in (not just the top of the cart).

This cover has a ton of features. My favorite is that it folds up into a little pouch for easy transporting! Helps keep my chaotic life a little more organized. It has pouches for accessories (even one for a smart phone!) and a lifetime warranty. Read that again. Lifetime. Yeah, ok. SOLD.

…However my favorite feature are the loop holes for toys. It makes it so much easier for me and Elle to have mommy daughter coffee dates 😉 I have my starbucks whilst strolling Target and she has her own little latte. Too cute.

They also have an amazing baby carrier… I’ll let Nikki take over from here.

Originally I had looked into Lumiere for the cart cover but was super intrigued by this baby carrier. I think ergonomics is really important when carrying your little – Lumiere thinks so too.

We will always give our honest opinion on products. That I assure you. My honest opinion of this is that The Universal Carrier is the best carrier I have used. It is SO comfortable and Isaac noticed a difference. I have another carrier (admittedly a cheaper one) and he hates being in it. My husband agreed that he seemed to really enjoy being in this one. Find the PDF on this page and see how it ranks next to other popular carriers.


It’s really important for all children, but especially Isaac, that a carrier is very supportive. Children with down syndrome have poor muscle tone and I rest easy knowing he is well supported in this carrier. He is 8 months and cannot sit up on his own yet, so this is perfect for our shopping trips 🙂

So mamas, we highly recommend Lumiere products. We have both been impressed with the quality of the items AND the customer service. As moms, our little ones and their well beings are a top priority. We’ll keep you update on other mom favorites as we come across them.

Thanks for reading and happy Thursday babes!

*These were gifted to us for an honest review. We will never suggest products to our readers that we would not purchase for ourselves or our families.

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