I hear the bells!!!

First of all, who all is wearing white as much as possible before labor day?!?! LOL!  Also, If you participated in the Nordstrom anniversary sale over the summer then you probably own this top… or you’ve seen it like, a billion times by now…but I still wanted to show you how I style this bell sleeve sweater.

I love bell bottom jeans…I mean LOVE THEM! This pair is “7 for all mankind” and I’ve own them for years!! Most people wouldn’t pair a bell sleeve with some wide leg jeans, but I personally think it looks adorable! I even parted my hair to give the whole look a very 70s vibe!

And the best part… this LV bag was THRIFTED! I was assured that it was authentic, and I practically squealed when I found out the price. Definitely gives the “feel” I wanted overall for this look.


And just for fun, here’s the reality of blogging…

He was the sweetest kid and apologized as he flew by… #reallife


Thanks for reading friends! Check back on Thursday <3

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