Fall Ready with Freshly Picked!

Morning ladies!

When we tried to figure out our blogging niche we had a really hard time. We love our kiddos but really love blogging about style, make up, home decor etc. We decided “lifestyle” encompassses it best. That being said, while we’re not mom bloggers you’ll definitely see the littles on here from time to time!

We have found a shoe brand that you’re going to love and had to share (with the help of the cutest cousins around ;)) . While we know some of you aren’t mamas, these are still applicable. They would make the cutest little luxury gift EVER.

Freshly Picked is a new favorite of BOTH of ours. We have seen them all over the internet (very on trend) and have wanted to try them out for a while now. After using these for a few weeks now, we know you’re going to love them too. The quality of these leather moccasins is honestly and truly the BEST of any shoes we have tried so far.

Let’s talk about styling them

Those who either know me or have followed this blog know that I am longing for fall. Elle has so many adorable outfits ready for the season. I check the weather every day in hopes it will be chilly enough to put her in one! I knew that these blush moccasins were a were a MUST for the upcoming season. They go with nearly all of her cute little clothes (I consider blush a neutral ;)) and I love the details.

I love how they look with her floral pants and olive shirt. Seriously, blush and olive were a match made in heaven.

Ok, ok – my turn. Nikki here! When I went to the Freshly Picked website I was immediately drawn to these Zebra print moccasins. I already had this outfit and knew they’d be the perfect touch! I LOVE black and white outfits. Is there anything better than sharp contrast? I can’t get over the print of these. Styling is all in the details.

If you plan on buying your babe or tot only ONE pair of shoes this season, we highly recommend these moccasins. Not only will the quality blow you out of the water, but the selection is everything. Seriously. Perfect solids (eyeing these ones as the next pair ;)) and the cutest prints we’ve found to date (case in point!)

So now that you’ve read how we have styled our moccasins, we’re guessing you’re wanting your own? I mean, amiright? 😉 You’re in luck! Head over to @caffeinatedcurlsblog on insta for a chance to win a pair! And as always thank you for reading.

*These moccasins were gifted to us in exchange for a blog post. We will never suggest products to our readers that we would not purchase for ourselves or our family members <3

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